Technology of Manufacturing Processes (TdF)

The lecture “Technology of Manufacturing Processes” is a compulsory lecture for students of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering. Furthermore, the lecture is offered for the study for the teaching profession at vocational schools of industrial-technical subjects.

Event type Lecture (bachelor´s degree)
Lecturer Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Weigold
Mentoring assistants Christopher Krebs M.Sc.
Jonathan Utsch M.Sc.
Offering cycle
Semester hours per week
Credit points
winter semester
Aims The aim of the lecture is to provide students with a basic understanding of the various manufacturing processes and their physical operating principles.

The lecture should enable students to select the most cost-effective, quality-oriented and, above all, functionally appropriate manufacturing process.
  • Structure of the manufacturing processes
  • Master forming
  • Forming
  • Manufacturing processes (milling, turning, grinding, …)
  • Joining (welding, laser welding, assembling, …)
  • Coating
  • Change material properties
  • Sustainability and resource efficiency
Literature Lecture notes TdF
König, W.: Manufacturing Processes Volume 1 – 5
Lecture notes Sold in the lecture hall at the beginning of the lecture and is subsequently still in L1|01 107 available.
Download TdF Lecture Slides The lecture slides are accessible via Moodle.
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