Management of Industrial Production

Event type Lecture (master´s degree)
Lecturer Prof. Dr.-Ing. J Metternich
Mentoring assistant Feng Zhu M. Sc.
Offer cycle
Semester hours per week
Credit points
Winter semester
Time Start of lecture Tuesday 18.10.2022 11:40-13:20 Uhr
Place Hybrid event

Attendance:L4|02 201
Online participation: ZOOM-Link

Meeting-ID: 322 929 4743
Identifier code: N9XXKP
Aims The lecture Management of Industrial Production provides students with practical knowledge of overall operational processes. The presentation of the consequences of information-technical linkages should particularly stimulate economic thinking and acting.
  • The company
  • Factory planning
  • Production planning and control
  • Productivity management
  • Manual operations and automation
  • Quality management
  • Industry 4.0
Participation requirements Master's degree / Completed intermediate diploma
Literature Wiendahl, Hans-Peter: Betriebsorganisation für Ingenieure
Eversheim, Walter: Organisation in der Produktionstechnik
Corsten, Hans: Einführung in das industrielle Produktionsmanagement
Warnecke, Hans-Jürgen: Der Produktionsbetrieb
Spur, Günter: Fabrikbetrieb
Womack, James; Jones, Daniel: Lean Thinking
Liker, Jeffrey: Der Toyota Weg
Rother, Mike: Sehen Lernen
Lecture notes Under Moodle
Exam The exam in the winter semester 2022/2023 will be held on 10/03/2023 from 08:30 to 10:00.

Notes for the participation in the exam
The exam registration for the written exam is done via the TUCaN system, for diploma students via the MechCenter.If registration via TUCaN is not possible, please contact your study office. Exam participation is only possible after registration has been completed. This is also necessary for industrial engineering students for reasons of space planning. The exam registration has to be done at the latest 2 weeks before the exam date