Machining Technology – Fundamentals and Application

Machining Technology – Basics and Application


Offer cycle
Semester hours per week

Winter semester
4 CP
Courses -vl: Machining Technology – Basics and Application, Lecture, 23 h (2 SWS)
-ue: Machining Technology – Basics and Application, Recitation, 23 h (2 SWS)
Time Tuesday 11:40 – 13:20 Uhr
Place L1|01 73
Aims On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:
  • Explain the basics of machining technology and systematically compare the machining processes with geometrically defined cutting edges.
  • identify and select suitable machining processes for process chains.
  • name and evaluate experimental investigation methods for machining processes.
  • name and compare simulative approaches for the description of machining processes.
  • enumerate and explain methods of process monitoring in machining.
  • know the application possibilities of hybrid manufacturing processes.
Contents The lecture gives an overview of the basics of machining technology and its application possibilities. The main contents are structured as follows:
Introduction to machining technology (tool geometry, kinematics & chip formation; mechanical & thermal stress at the cutting edge, cutting materials & coatings); Introduction to machining processes; selection and design of machining processes in process chains; experimental methods for the investigation and design of machining processes (metrology, statistical test planning, evaluation criteria, quality parameters); Simulation (modelling, simulation-based design of machining processes); process monitoring (technical and organisational prerequisites, implementation); machining technology in the context of hybrid manufacturing processes (post-processing of additively manufactured components)
Prerequisites for participation
Literature tba
Exam Practical exercise with written and oral components (30%)
Oral exam (70%)
Several days (practical excercise)
30 min (oral exam)
Requirement for receiving credits Passing the examination
Grading system Standard (digit note)
Associated study programme WPB Master MPE III