Digitisation in Production

Event type Lecture (master´s degree)
Lecturer Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Weigold
Mentoring assistant Arthur Stobert M.Sc.
Offer cycle
Semester hours per week
Credit points
Summer semester
3V + 1Ü
6 CP
Time Wednesday 8:00 – 11:20
Place hybrid event: L4|02 1/2 and online
Aims This lecture is intended to teach students of the master program how processes in production arechanging due to progressive digitization. The lecture will show how agility and flexibility forindividualized production can be achieved. The basis is on the one hand the networking of productionprocesses. It will be shown how modern information and communication infrastructures look like andwhich models for a standardized networking are available. On the other hand, the importance of dataacquisition, handling and usage as a decisive asset in tomorrow's production is presented. Finally, thelecture gives a view on modern control mechanisms up to the question of autonomous processes inproduction.
Contents After the students have successfully completed the course unit, they should be able to
  • Describe the networked, data-driven production processes of the future
  • Recognize the benefits of networked, data-driven production processes.
  • Explain modern information and communication infrastructures
  • Describe an integrated data and communication management in production24
  • Explain the role of digital twins for products and production machines
  • Describe the data flow from acquisition to analysis in a consistent manner
  • Identify the challenges of data processing and evaluation
  • Describe, characterize, and classify the possibilities of modern production control and productionadaptation
Literature References at the beginning of the lecture
Lecture notes The current lecture slides will be uploaded in Moodle.
Exam written exam (120 minutes)
presumably 05.08.2022 from 09:00 to 11:00