SFB 805

Subproject B3 of SFB 805 aims to control the influence of process errors in tapping.

Drilling followed by tapping is a two-stage process at the end of the value chain. In order to avoid component rejects, critical process errors such as tool breakage must be prevented. For this purpose, passive and active measures are applied within the framework of sub-project B3. These are applied at both tool and machine level in order to ensure the required component quality despite the uncertainty that occurs in the machining process.


  • Monitoring of the tapping process with sensory tools and sensor data from the machine control system
  • Avoidance of tool breakage


  • Integration of sensor technology in the tools respectively the tool holder to identify occurring deviations from the ideal tapping process
  • Derive robust machining strategies to minimise the effect of occurring process errors
  • Development of a learning process control by analysing existing machine data


Partners and project sponsors