Manufacture of dynamic and highly stressed machine structures from an innovative fibre-plastic-mineral casting composite

In this project, a particularly high-performance composite between FKV (fibre-plastic composites) and polymer concrete should be produced. The potential of these materials in the composite arises from the achievable lightweight factor of the FKV semi-finished products and the free shaping and functional integration through the surrounding mineral casting. This composite should be used as an alternative, hybrid material in dynamically stressed machine components/structures. The innovation of this project lies in exploiting synergies between the adjustable stiffness of FKV elements and the damping and shaping of polymer castings. Both use epoxy resin as a base with which the fibres are bonded or the aggregates are enclosed. The uniform production of the sub-components using the same epoxy resin is used to achieve a uniform material behaviour. Furthermore, material-technical investigations and calculations are necessary in order to be able to make a generally valid statement for the application and later operation. It is planned to manufacture a machine gantry usually made of steel and the lateral cheeks (feet) from the material mix described above, cf. the concept idea in the figure.

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