Increased performance of processing machines through carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) components in dynamically excited primary structures

Increasing machining quality and process dynamics through the use of lightweight CFRP components

As part of the research project in cooperation with the KLuB department, three components are being developed in an innovative fibre-plastic composite design. In addition, the influence of cooling lubricants on the strength of fibre-plastic composites is being investigated. The research project is intended to increase the acceptance and dissemination of fibre-plastic composites in machine tool construction.


  • Increasing the specific stiffness and the dynamics through use
  • Increase in machining quality through increased stiffness
  • Energy saving through reduced mass


  • Determination of the component-specific requirements
  • Measurement-based investigation of the original components
  • Development of the fibre-plastic composite design (topology, laminate optimisation)
  • Construction and measurement-based investigation of the demonstrators

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