MAXIEM | Maximising the energy efficiency of cutting machine tools

Duration: Completed | 2008 – 2012
Funded by: Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action

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One challenge in machine design at the time of the project start was that a reliable statement regarding the expected energy consumption and the benefits of energy-saving measures was not possible. A prerequisite for optimisations is that the performance of the machine (production speed, reliability, flexibility, machining quality, etc.) remains unaffected. Taking into account the annual machine operating time and the machining process spectrum, which vary greatly between different users, the difficulty for machine tool manufacturers and machine operators is to identify and then implement the energy efficiency options that make sense for the specific application.

In close cooperation with component manufacturers, machine tool manufacturers and machine operators, this problem was addressed in the MAXIEM project, a suitable tool for calculating the energy demand was developed and technology options for savings were identified.

The project showed that suitable equipment of a machine tool can reduce the annual energy demand by up to 50 %, depending on the user's individual mode of use. The developed method supports the machine manufacturer and user in selecting sensible energy efficiency options.

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