PowerLIFT | Empower LIFT network

The research project aims to promote the existing network of European learning factories. In the process, digital learning content on Industry 4.0 topics is to be created in various working groups.

Duration: Completed | 01/2021 – 12/2021
Funded by: EIT Manufacturing

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Learning factories represent realistic production environments that are used to develop the competencies of industrial employees or students. Individual learning factories often specialize in specific learning content and topics. Learning factory networks can thus cover a wide range of topics for which there is a demand in industry. Currently, there is a great need for expertise in Industry 4.0 topics in industry for which, however, there is no standardized learning content in learning factories.


To address the current competence needs of manufacturing SMEs, Power LIFT proposes to build a broad ecosystem of learning factories to foster research and technology transfer between academia and industry. Power LIFT aims to build training curricula in learning factories to promote the competitiveness of manufacturing SMEs in Europe. In addition, Power LIFT will create an European community to develop, test and disseminate innovative methods and tools for skills development, enabling sustainable work between humans, machines and robots. With the support of the EIT, digital learning nuggets will be designed, developed and delivered and published in the one learning platform.


The work plan for 2021 is composed of the following activities:

  • Work Package 1: First, it will be defined how the network will be empowered and how the tools and methods will be selected to share knowledge and information. This includes defining specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will be used to track development and evaluate the success of each task.
  • Work Package 2: Competency needs will be identified based on an analysis of the learning nuggets created to date. Subsequently, working groups on various topics will be created to address these competency needs. Regular workshops and research events will foster knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  • Work Package 3: Develop Digital Learning Nuggets for Learning Factories. In this work package, additional content for the shared curricula will be created and the necessary tools for sharing data, software, and assets will be established.
  • Work package 4: The created learning nuggets from WP 3 will be offered and sold on the market. For this purpose, a prior market analysis will be conducted.
  • Work package 5: This work package includes the definition and implementation of the communication and dissemination strategy under the label of the EIT Learning Factories.

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