DIONE-X – Secure and efficient data spaces for the machining value network

Open and secure data exchange along the entire process chain of the machining industry – this is the goal of the DIONE-X research project. By building an efficient and secure data and service ecosystem based on the principles of Gaia-X, DIONE-X enables ecosystem participants not only to exchange data across companies but also to create new fields of application, including data-driven business models. In three use cases, project partners from research and industry will develop standards and guidelines that are essential for building this value network. These standards will then be tested by various user representatives from the value network of the machining industry in the industry 4.0 data space.

Coordination: PTW TU Darmstadt
Contact person in the research groups:
Florian Mitschke M.Sc. (CiP)
Willi Wünschel M.Sc. (TEC)

Duration: 01.10.2022 – 30.09.2024
Funded by: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung
Website: www.dione-x.de


Manufacturing companies face the challenge of adapting to rapidly changing economic and political conditions, as well as responding to short-term disruptions in a timely and effective manner. An important key to the successful existence of German companies on the global market is to exploit the potential of the increasing digitization of production and the associated rise in the availability of data in order to make future value creation systems more resilient and sustainable. In the future, large parts of economic value creation will be based more on digital platforms and services. Therefore, trust and incentives must be created through a fully interoperable and sovereign data-oriented ecosystem along the lines of Gaia-X. The potential of an open data ecosystem is to be exemplified and scientifically accompanied by the development of innovative data-driven business models using the value creation networks of the machining industry, with the aim of realizing the 2030 mission statement “Sovereignty, Interoperability and Sustainability” (Platform Industry 4.0).


The project aims to illustrate the potential of open data exchange in accordance with Gaia-X standards and guidelines, particularly with regard to data sovereignty, for machining production and to transfer this into transferable IT solutions. This is to be tested and prototypically implemented in three use cases by an interdisciplinary project consortium at various users representative of a value network of the machining industry in the Industry 4.0 data space. Process and machine data provided by end users in machining production and subsequently processed with the aid of machine learning serve as the basis for the development of these application scenarios.


In the DIONE-X research project, the three use cases are being tested and implemented as prototypes: “Collaborative Condition Monitoring & Smart Service Planning”, “Individualized KPI Dashboard” and “Optimized Tool Use”. They will demonstrate the concrete benefits for the individual players in the production value chain – consisting of manufacturers of machines, tools, components and sensor technology, as well as manufacturing user companies and service providers.

Use Case DMG Mori: Collaborative Condition Monitoring & Smart Service Planning
Use case participants:

  • Component manufacturer (Berger)
  • Machine manufacturer (DMG Mori)
  • Manufacturing end user (Munsch)

Use Case pro-micron: Individualized KPI-Dashboard
Use case participants:

  • Sensor manufacturer (pro-micron)
  • Manufacturing end user (KWS Kölle)

Use Case Gühring: Optimised use of tools
Use case participants:

  • Tool manufacturer (Gühring)
  • Manufacturing end user (Schubert)


This project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). We thank for the opportunity to work on this project.

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