“New science transfer Formats for tomorrow's production Management”

Duration: Completed | 2020 – 2022
Funded by: Hessian State Chancellery

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Initial situation

Companies are often faced with the problem that the multitude of technical solutions for Industry 4.0/digitization on the market or methods from science – with little practical orientation – make a targeted selection of suitable technologies/methods difficult. It has also been noted that smaller companies tend to be afraid of going to university-based knowledge providers.


The objective is to develop a procedure for creating company-specific digitization roadmaps. This is to be created by combining medium-sized business-relevant knowledge from research projects, studies and more than 20 successful digitization projects. The result is a logical process model for creating digitization roadmaps that enables companies to analyze production processes in a structured manner, identify potential for improvement and systematically improve their own processes. In the next step, companies are enabled to implement this roadmap in their own company. For this purpose, current knowledge about technologies or methods must be prepared and made available independent of time and place.The project therefore makes relevant knowledge available in the form of practice-oriented online workshops (status quo: knowledge is written down in English-language publications or dissertations in scientific language; this hinders/slows down the transfer of knowledge into practice). The practice-oriented online workshops will improve the transfer of knowledge from the university to practice and make a major contribution to accelerating the digitization of Hessian companies.


The developed formats (procedure for the creation of digitization roadmaps and online training) address specialists and managers of producing companies, as well as consultants for these same companies. The thematic focus covers the area of production management and, in particular, the preparation of knowledge on digitization/Industry 4.0. Companies are offered targeted guidance on the digitization of production processes and the simple implementation of the developed measures is supported by online training courses. Specialists and managers acquire new skills for implementing the latest scientific findings in their own companies.


This project is funded by the Hessian State Chancellery – Minister for Digital Strategy and Development (funding line Distr@l: Strengthen Digitization – Live Transfer). We thank for the opportunity to work on this project.

Funding source