Nick Weisbrod

Nik Weisbrod M. Sc.

Institute for Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools

MiP | Management of Industrial Production


work +49 6151 8229-757
fax +49 6151 8229-675

Work L1|01 102
Otto-Berndt-Straße 2
64287 Darmstadt

Research Group MiP | Management of Industrial Production

Research focus on Data-driven value stream and business model innovation

  • Use of advanced analytics and simulation based on production data

Since the winter semester 2021/2022, Mr Weisbrod has been supervising the lecture Quality Management by Prof. Metternich in the Master's programme. This takes place in cooperation with Prof. Groche (PtU).

The Quality Management lecture teaches students the basic terms and methods of quality management. In addition, the basics of industrial measurement technology and current developments in the field of data acquisition and processing are taught. Finally, an outlook on new possibilities of (preventive) quality assurance including process data is given. In the course of the lecture, students are also given the opportunity to gain an insight into operational quality assurance. In the course of practical exercises, the students come into contact with state-of-the-art testing and measuring technology as well as basic measuring equipment. A supplementary tutorial on the topic of “Software in Quality Management” rounds off the lecture by working with a widely used software solution.