Christopher Krebs M. Sc.

Institute of Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools

TEC | Manufacturing Technology


work +49 6151 8229-743

Work L1|01 44
Otto-Berndt-Straße 2
64287 Darmstadt

Research Group TEC | Manufacturing technology

Research focus on drilling, reaming and deburring with high quality

  • Deep hole and high performance drilling
  • Deburring of cross holes
  • Bore simulation and
  • Tool optimisation

Since the winter semester 2021/2022, Mr. Krebs has been in charge of the lecture Technology of Manufacturing Processes by Prof. Weigold. Within the TdF lecture, future engineers are taught the basics of the various manufacturing processes in metal and plastics processing. The aim of the lecture is to provide students with different possibilities for the production of physical components and to enable them to assess the selection from the point of view of function, cost, and quality.