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Industrial Working Group “Motor spindles”

The industrial working group “Motor spindles” focuses on industry-related research on motor spindle systems. The AKMSP is the working group with the longest tradition at the PTW and has now existed for more than 30 years. The main areas of the AKMSP are:

  • Spindle bearings
  • Rotordynamic aspects
  • Questions of control and optimised spindle operation
  • Clamping systems for high-speed applications


Investigations into the optimisation of the motor spindle and its components are the objective of the “Motor Spindle” working group. The multiple demands of the industry for increased performance and quality regarding the metal-cutting process make further development of the motor spindle and its components necessary. Besides higher speeds and torques, vibration problems and thermal behaviour are constant topics. In addition, there is the development of new and optimisation of existing drive concepts and components. For this reason, the motor spindle working groupwas initiated under the leadership of the PTW of the TU Darmstadt. It is currently in its eleventh edition. The topics of the eleventh working group are theexperimental analysis of the motion behaviour of spindle bearings,which serve to verify simulations, andmodel-based spindle monitoring

Participating companies

Mitglieder des Industriearbeitskreis „Motorspindel“
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  Name Working area(s) Contact
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Weigold, Institutsleiter
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Weigold
Head of Institute
+49 6151 16-20080
L1|01 109
Magnus von Elling M. Sc.
TEC | Manufacturing Technology
+49 6151 82296-85
L1|01 44
Christiane Melzer M. Sc.
TEC | Manufacturing Technology
+49 6151 82297-10
L1|01 47
Markus Weber
Forschungsleitung in der Forschungsgruppe TEC | Fertigungstechnologie
Markus Weber M. Sc.
Head of research TEC | Manufacturing Technology
+49 6151 82297-49
L1|01 44