Digital Machining

The industrial working group Digital Machining at the PTW of the Technical University of Darmstadt focuses on deepening the understanding of machining processes as well as the surrounding systems and production chain through a data-driven approach to increase the efficiency and quality of established manufacturing processes and develop innovative data-based business models.


The working group Digital Machining serves as a platform for experts from industrial partners covering different sections along the value chain, from sensor- and software developers via machine- and tool-manufacturers to industrial end-users, to network and discuss current technological developments and work together to develop, implement and test solutions for specific challenges using the infrastructure of the PTW as a testbed.


Modern data acquisition systems and edge-components offer a wide array of options for gathering, handling and storing information on new and already established machining processes. Used correctly, this information can serve to greatly improve process planning, detect and prevent defects in production, prevent damage to machine tools, monitor running processes and to identify inefficiencies in a process chain. However, the selection and correct handling of the relevant data, as well as the selection and implementation of the necessary systems to solve a specific problem, is usually very complex and requires experience and iterative testing. As this is often not feasible in the running schedule of industrial companies, an external testbed is required where solutions can be tested, streamlined and then implemented in collaboration with experienced partners.


Current research projects



  Name Working area(s) Contact
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Weigold
Head of Institute
+49 6151 16-21877
L1|01 109
Magnus von Elling M.Sc.
Chief Engineer
+49 6151 8229-685
L1|01 110
Lucas Gräff M.Sc.
TEC | Manufacturing Technology
+49 6151 8229-621
L1|01 26
Willi Wünschel M.Sc.
TEC | Manufacturing Technology
+49 6151 8229-639
L1|01 26
Enno Lang M.Sc.
Head of Research Group MiP | Management of Industrial Production
+49 6151 8229-772
L1|01 105