LeaDTchain | Workshop

Learning outcome workshop for learning content creation


On the 18th of April, the Learning Outcome Workshop of the EIT Manufacturing-funded project LeaDTchain was held at Intechcentras in Vilnius, Lithuania. This workshop aims to analyze the competencies needed for the introduction of a Digital Twin to an entire value stream and identify existing knowledge gaps for managers and decision-makers on the shop floor. Our research associates Julian Herrmann and Yuxi Wang hosted the workshop. Gorka Unamuno from IDEKO Centro Tecnologico, Euken Zubizarreta from SORALUCE | Milling, Boring & Multitasking Machines, Milda Margaityte and Marija Aliaševičienė from Intechcentras joined the workshop and delivered valuable inputs. As a next step, the LeaDTchain project team will continue the refinement of the learning paths and learning nuggets based on the results from this workshop. The aim is to create learning content for implementing and using a Digital Process Twin in a production value chain.