Exciting Guest Lecture From Bosch at TUDa

Insights in the Bosch Production System and the Factory Site Blaichach


v.l.n.r.: Philipp Baier, Joachim Metternich, Maximilian Steinmeyer, Stefan Sauter

On January 17, Joachim Metternich, Sebastian Bardy and Maximilian Steinmeyer were happy to welcome Philipp Baier from the Bosch company in Blaichach for a guest lecture. The students from the lecture “Lean Production” got exciting insights, how Bosch is implementing Lean principles as part of the Bosch Production System (BPS). The factory site Blaichach is a pilot factory and is preparing worldwide roll outs of production lines. Philipp Baier, who is an alumni of TU Darmstadt, still remembers fondly the lecture “Lean Production” and said that the lecture is an excellent preparation for the practical implementation in industry.

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