Machine Tools and Industrial Robots

Event type Lecture (bachelor's degree)
Lecturer Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Weigold
Mentoring assistant Christiane Melzer M. Sc.
Offer cycle
Semester hours per week
Credit points
Winter semester
Time & Place The lecture has expired and is no longer offered. Examinations can still be taken in the following semester:
Summer term 2022
Winter term 2022
Summer term 2023
Winter term 2023
Place Web lecture (link will be provided in Moodle announced)
Aims The lecture imparts, based on the technology of the manufacturing processes (basic studies), knowledge about different cutting manufacturing processes. The processes themselves are considered as well as the necessary machines and their design. The aim of the lecture is to enable the students to make proposals for the production of any components which are feasible and economical.
Literature Is listed in the reprint
Lecture Notes The Lecture Notes will be made available online during the first weeks of the lecture. As of WS 14/15, the lecture will be converted to an online offering, i.e. the script will be made available in digital form as part of a Moodle course. In order to take advantage of the offer, each participant must register for the module in TUCaN, the activation of the Moodle account will then take place automatically.
Exam The re-writing exam will take place on 08.03.2023 in the period from 09:00 to 10:30 hrs.
(duration: 1,5 h) in room L5|06 11.

Permitted aids during the examination non-programmable calculator.

Notes for the participation in the exam
The registration for the written exam is done via the TUCaN system.
TUCaN system. If registration via TUCaN is not possible, please contact your study office. Participation in the exam is only possible after registration. This is also necessary for industrial engineering students for reasons of space planning. The registration deadline for the written examinations is up to 1 month, the deregistration up to 8 days before the examination date. possible.