Support for local clinics in the fight against corona


The workshops of the PtU-PTW and architecture of the TU Darmstadt have joined forces to produce a full face mask in series and to make it available to hospitals free of charge.

The mask is designed as simple as possible and consists of only 3 parts:

  • Forehead support, production by 3-D printer
  • Sight, laser cut. The material was kindly donated by the company Paul Auer GmbH Mannheim and is autoclavable.
  • Rubber band

A total of 16 3-D printers (from PtU, PTW, PMD and Architecture) are in operation around the clock, creating over 50 forehead holders per day. Busy hands take care of the rough cut of the film and the final assembly.

Surrounding healthcare facilities have already tested the mask and are happy about the first delivery of 200 pieces.