Management of industrial Production

Group Presentation

Along with an increasing global competition, production companies located in Germany are faced with a great deal of changes. The efficient use of resources and the increasing product life cycle dynamics are amongst the main challenges faced by production companies. To address these challenges successfully, transparent and efficient production processes are necessary. The research group ‘Management of industrial Production’ specifically focuses on the examination of innovations on a process level in production. Key consideration aspects are strategy, planning, production and service processes.

The research group ‘Management of industrial Production’ works on research and industrial projects focusing on the subjects traceability, advanced analytics and digital assistance aiming to improve existing manufacturing facilities, enable efficient employment of workers in digital environments and develop new business models. The combination of all research subjects leads to the primary goal of transparent and intelligent production processes. Optimizing production processes and developing new strategies in cooperation with companies complete the portfolio of the group. Finally, studies on various innovative topics in the area of industrial production are conducted. Recently, these resulted in the books ‘Global Production’ and ‘Future of Production’ and the study ‘Industrie 4.0 – Potentials, Benefits and Good-Practice-examples for the Industry in Hessen’.

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Thimo Keller M. Sc.
+49 6151 16-20289
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Markus Schreiber M. Sc.
+49 6151 16-20101
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Phillip Bausch M. Sc.
+49 6151 16-20847
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Christian Bayer M. Sc.
+49 6151 16-20092
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Beatriz Bretones Cassoli M. Sc.
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Felix Hoffmann M. Sc.
+49 6151 16-20049
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Enno Lang M. Sc.
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Sophie Sandner M. Sc.
+49 6151 82297-55
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Patrick Stanula M. Sc.
+49 6151 16-20139
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Amina Ziegenbein
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin in der Forschungsgruppe Management industrieller Produktion
Amina Ziegenbein M. Sc. M. Sc.
+49 6151 16-20071
L1|01 112