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Offers to the industry

Lean Production and Information Technology

  • Simulation-based analysis of value streams
  • Design of highly efficient value streams using lean methods ?and simulation
  • Analysis of information technology in production
  • Consulting for the implementation of information technology solutions in lean production
  • Best-practice know-how for manufacturing execution systems

Learning Factories for Lean Production

  • Individually designed trainings, geared to the required competency profile of your employees
  • Support for the design and implementation of your own Learning Factory (training concepts, technical design)
  • Certification and auditing of company-owned Learning Factories

Flexible Machining

  • Support for the introduction of Lean-methods and flow-production in machining (“Lean Machining”)
  • Consulting and support for the introduction of Cellular Manufacturing concepts
  • Analysis and advisory services for the improvement of changeover and maintenance processes
  • Best-practice know-how for low-cost-automation

Flexible Production and Intralogistic Systems

  • Support of design and optimization of value streams according to lean principles (balancing, pull-systems, flow production)
  • Conception and implementation of synchronized tugger trains (Milkrun)
  • Analysis and advisory services for the improvement of in-house material supply processes

Lean Quality

  • Design and implementation of quality management systems considering lean methods
  • Consulting and application support for lean quality techniques
  • Coaching in the systematic problem solving process