Research Sections

Research Sections

Center for industrial Productivity

Flexible Production and Intralogistic Systems

  • Design and optimization of in-house value streams according to „just-in-time“ principles
  • Conception and implementation of flexible production and intralogistic Systems

Flexible Machining

  • Holistic approach for flexible machining in Germany, especially by Cellular Manufacturing
  • Productivity improvements via implementing low-cost-automation in machining

Lean Quality

  • Quality techniques for lean production in light of the zero defect approach
  • Integration of quality management systems and lean production systems

Learning Factories for Lean Production

  • Systematic design of Learning Factories
  • Target-group-specific design of learning modules for lean production
  • Quality systems and maturity models for Learning Factories

Lean Production and Information Technology

  • Simulation-based analysis and design of lean material and information flows
  • Supporting lean production systems through information technology
  • Industry 4.0 & lean management
  • Value stream analysis 4.0

Shop Floor Management and CIP

  • Shop floor management systems
  • System for continuous improvement
  • Digital shop floor management systems