Research Sections

Energy-optimized production machines

Fields of application: Machining, cleaning, heat treatment, process engineering

  • Energy analyses
  • Cross-cutting technology benchmarks
  • Waste heat prevention and recovery concepts
  • Project planning in the green and brown field

Energy-optimised supply systems

Fields of application: Cold, heat, compressed air, air conditioning, ventilation

  • Energy system analyses
  • Technology benchmarks
  • Optimal design of supply systems
  • Network topologies & dimensioning
  • Energy recovery & storage systems

Energy management & monitoring

  • Measuring systems & ICT infrastructure for data acquisition
  • Energy performance indicator systems
  • Energy and load forecasts through modelling and artificial intelligence
  • Energy data-supported condition & quality monitoring through artificial intelligence

Simulation of energy systems

  • Data-based system identification
  • Object-oriented modeling
  • Integration of models as digital twin
  • Virtual commissioning
  • Digital planning tools

Artificial intelligence for energy systems

  • Object-oriented automation systems
  • Optimal control and scheduling
  • Integration of demand response
  • Assistance systems for energy management
  • Autonomous measuring systems