The project “EE4InG – Energy Efficiency for Industry and Trade” was initiated to coordinate and scientifically support the research network and to develop recommendations for the future research funding policy of the BMWi.

The aim is to identify decisive innovations of energy-efficient solutions, both at the level of the research fields of the research network and across sectors. To build a network of the relevant actors in the innovation system is also part of the project. An analysis of different technology options makes it possible to develop concrete recommendations for the further development of research funding policy. Intensive cooperation and networking with industry and research partners will also contribute to this. The focus will be on the chemical process engineering, production engineering and iron and steel production sectors because of their special importance for the energy consumption of German industry. Cross-cutting technology options that are relevant to all sectors will also be examined in greater detail.

The research network serves as exchange platform on energy efficiency and flexibility between the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy on the one hand and industry and trade on the other. Company representatives from key production processes (e.g. iron and steel production as the central basic industry as well as machining and metal processing) and production infrastructure (e.g. supply engineering or heating and cooling technology) will be involved. In addition, an exchange with other research networks, e.g. on “Flexible Energy Conversion” or “Power Grids”, is being sought.